Community Partners

Community Partners

At ISANA Achernar, we believe that family-school-community partnerships are essential for helping our scholars thrive and achieve at their maximum potential. We take tremendous pride in working with community agencies and organizations to engage our families in meaningful and culturally appropriate ways. We also provide our families access to important resources so they can actively support their children’s development and learning.

Research shows that when schools, parents, families, and communities work together, students:

  • Earn higher grades;

  • Attend school more regularly;

  • Stay in school; and,

  • Are more motivated.

This is true for students of all ages, all backgrounds, and across race and ethnicity.

Meet Some of our Community Partners

In January 0f 2022, ISANA Achernar Academy partnered with The Compton Initiative to restore our school murals and beautify our campus and its surrounding area. Click HERE to watch a video recap of our first volunteer day.


The Compton Initiative is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 with a commitment to restore the city of Compton by painting homes, schools, and churches in partnership with individual volunteers and other organizations. Each event includes painting, debris removal, yard work and graffiti removal at homes, schools, churches, and public spaces.

To learn more about the work they’re doing, please visit

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